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About The Product:

Accounts management software simplifies the process of accounting for any individual or for an organization. Vedha Technologies takes utmost effort so that beyond accounting other aspects such as speed, flexibility & latest technologies which cover all financial capabilities are also incorporated with this software. The tools we use help you to follow upon sales, find the latest analytics, metrics and updates relevant to your organization. Our team will surely help you to reduce your complexities without compromising quality and makes you to perform at the peak. We also ensure you to give proper security with the embedded tools.

Application Features:

  • Cash flow management: Monitors fund about how it is spent in various department and tracks all the sources of income from all departments of an organization irrespective of their geographical locations.
  • Accounts payable& receivable: Allows online payment and reception of cash globally and also allows secure cash transaction.
  • Maintain general ledgers: Maintains daily inputs of accounts and other basic financial sources of an organization for future reference.
  • Purchasing payroll: Performs automatic calculation about the payroll to various investors and customer.
  • Automatic support and conversions for multiple currencies: As there may be cash turnover or business globally this software supports cash conversions for all currencies.
  • Multinational transactions: People can transact money globally anywhere anytime
  • Forecasting the status of revenues and expenditure using patterns: Gives instant updates of the status of the revenues and also predict future financial activities.Generates consistent and accurate balance sheets, profit and loss statements, budgets, after thorough analysis of the market.
  • Advance features to ensure secure login to confidential datas: Provides separate login for different users so only certain group permitted by the organization will have access to the admin.
  • Marketing:Implemented with marketing tools to give the investors a global reach to their product.
  • Proper asset management: Monitors the depreciating and non-depreciating assets and and provides essential steps to be taken for recovery.

Benefits of accounts management software

  • Helps to identifyall the possible positive and negative Scenarios that impact the performance, growth and profit.
  • Provide a perfect structure to the organizations functioning through strategic planning.
  • Enhance the performance of the organization through various through detailed comparative studies of the current market positions.
  • It reduces the risk factor through careful examination of all internal and external financial reports.
  • A very time effective system which reduces the time to budgeting, planning, maintaining records and also gives virtuality to current market positions.
  • It is highly secure as it is implemented with formal and latest tools and the he control lies within a single person.
  • Improves the cash flow process by following simple techniques and is user friendly.
  • Helps to Identify and resolve the barriers which affect the performance scale through continues reviews and deduce the misuse of financial resources.
  • Controls provide historical evidence on how to improve the progress of the business.
  • Provides a good integration and effective communication globally.

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