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Technology : PHP

About The Product:

The latest school management software developed by vedha technologiesis a real time software which comes with features which helps to reduce the complexities in managing various departments in a school. i.e Admission process, In Administration,Maintaining Attendance, Accounts, Syllabus planning etc.This software is more worthy for schools with many branches as it can bring the entire management of all the branches under a single centralized admin regardless of the geographical position. We develop this software with various modules whichprovides a better understanding of the functionality of this software.

Application Features:

  • For School admin
  • For Teachers
  • For Parents
  • For Students
  • Simplified School Admin Management
  • Syllabus Management
  • Financial Management
  • Employee Management
  • Separate logins for Admin, Teachers, Students & Parents
  • Online Fees acceptance
  • Hostel Management
  • Transport Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Manage Student Report
  • Teacher Student Interaction
  • Online Assessment
  • Manage Time Table
  • Online Classes
  • Online Fees Payment
  • Parent Teacher Interaction
  • Online Report Card.
  • SMS alerts from School Admin
  • Online access of Events & Circulars
  • Transport Details
  • Online Library
  • Student Teacher Interaction
  • Can check Remarks Online
  • Sharing materials among friends.
  • Homework Management
  • Time-table schedule
  • Sample tests
school management software

Benefits of School Management Software

  • Provides instant information of the activities in a school to all persons related to school at all levels.
  • Enhance the quality of education and administration as it is fully automated.
  • This software is cost effective as it covers many features and integrates various branches and functions under a single admin.
  • This is also a time saving system which reduces individual efforts and most of the hand written works is minimized.
  • Highly secure as the management has the admin rights.
  • Help Students, Management and Parents to interact effectively and efficiently as it is user friendly.
  • Separate login for Admin, Employees,Students & Parents
  • Helps to analyze the performance of each and every department instantly and provides solutions to improve their performance.
  • Instant sms alerts.
  • Totally it’s a performance based software and is user friendly and helps to withstand global competence.

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